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The Hebrides Trip

The Prelude

This trip kept changing before it began. It began in the Clarendon pub, after Alan helped me deliver three budgies to their Christmas retreat. Sans birds and a few pints later, we had sketched the plan – three days in the Hebrides. Were we budgie-brained? We changed the timescale to a week, then longer to take in the last May bank holiday. That week wouldn’t work because the ferry timetables are very respectful of specific dates. So we changed it to a week including two weekends, or eight Sundays, which is what it all began to feel like in the timeless spray freedom of the Outer Hebrides.

We changed everything except our minds; we would go there in one or two cars, as four or five persons, in meteorological suspense. Elusive and beautiful the trip was to be.

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Tanners Folk

Well Dave you asked for it – here goes! A different perspective on the Tanners experience. Seven intrepid explorers left Leicester in two cars – but this time one car (ours) left about 3pm and the other Chris, Sonia, Judith and Alice left considerably later, well after 5pm. Funny thing is – we still managed to meet up at the usual pub for dinner in Dorking. We were just leaving – their meals were just arriving. We debated the benefits and losses of our early start!

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