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Mappy New Year!

The turn of the year is a traditional time for ringing in the changes, so here’s a tweak to the website to mark the start of 2011!

As you know, each event the group organises has its own page on the website which includes a map of where the event is taking place. The maps are powered by a free service from Google called the Google Maps Javascript API. The changes I’ve made are a result of moving to the latest version of the service.

A couple of features have been lost in the new version. The overview map that used to appear in the bottom-right corner has disappeared, as have the grey markers that used to mark other group events. I may reinstate the latter when I work out how to do it, but I’m not sure anybody notices them anyway. What’s more important is two exciting new features that I’ve been able to add…

The first is Google Street View. Click on the orange “peg man” that appears to the left of each map and drag him onto any street on the map. You’re rewarded with a photographic reconstruction of the street in question that you can explore at your leisure. Google’s efforts to photograph the whole country might be controversial, but there’s no denying it’s a brilliant way to get a sneak preview of where you’ll be staying/walking!

The second is the addition of driving directions below each map. Type in where you’re starting from (I suggest using your postcode), click the “Show” button, and you get turn-by-turn instructions on how to get to the event. The route’s marked on the map too. It’ll tell you how to go all the way to Ratagan if you ask it to! Try the street view there too.

If you’re looking at our maps and not seeing any of the changes outlined above, you’re probably using a really old web browser called Internet Explorer 6. The latest version of Google Maps doesn’t work with IE6, so you’ll still get the old version. You might want to consider upgrading to something more up-to-date.

So, have a play, and let me know if you encounter any problems.