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Programmes by Email

Following discussion at the AGM last week, some new features have been added to GEMS, the group’s online programme system. You can now get an email sent to you whenever an event is added, moved or cancelled. You can also get the whole programme emailed to you whenever you want one.

How It Works

You can control what GEMS sends you by simply sending an email to with a single command word in the subject line. It doesn’t matter what (if anything) you put in the body of the message, it’ll be ignored. There are no usernames or passwords to remember – GEMS will recognise you by comparing your email address with our membership records. If you’ve not told us your email address yet, now would be a good time!

Note that there’s a possibility that messages sent by GEMS could be swallowed by your spam filter. All messages will be sent from the address – so if you add that address to your “white list” of trusted email addresses, all our messages should get through.

Here’s the commands you need to know…

Full Programme

To get a complete list of upcoming events and their details, your message should just have the command word PROG in the subject. This works for everybody, even non-members, though they won’t be able to see organisers’ email addresses.

Email Alerts

You can tell GEMS to send you an email with details of the event whenever one is added, moved or cancelled, by sending the command ALERTON. You can tell it to stop sending them with the command ALERTOFF. This feature only works for group members.

Other Commands

You can get a list of all commands and what they do, by sending the command HELP. Though there currently aren’t any more than the ones mentioned here! You’ll also get the command list sent to you if you send a message without a recognised command word in the subject (if you’re a group member).

Other Ways to Keep In Touch

So as not to fill your inbox with alert emails, GEMS only sends messages (if you ask for them) about new events, date changes and cancellations. It won’t tell you about new slideshows or remind you about upcoming events and payment dates. If you want that, you need to follow our Twitter account: @leicesteryha. There are various services out there on the internet that’ll send you an email whenever a tweet is sent, if that’s what you’d prefer.

What we don’t have, yet, is the ability to send text messages to your mobile instead of/as well as email alerts. It should be possible in the future, but it’ll probably be something that has to be paid for, rather than offered free. Watch this space!