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Coronavirus: Events Update 1

An update of the ongoing measures taken to mediate the effects of the coronavirus on our events calendar.

1. Mick’s National Forest Day Walk for 9th May
has been rescheduled for 20th June
(and may well be moved again).

2. Andy’s Easter Weekend in Slindon has been cancelled
and will be rescheduled to a date next year as yet undecided.
National Trust has assured us we can chose any date
so watch this space for it.

3. here will be no further Day Walks scheduled until further notice (boo hoo).

4. The late July trip to Snowdonia and October Day Walk are still currently
scheduled to go ahead without change.

As usual anything can change at a moments notice
and I will keep you updated by email and news bulletins.

Keep fit, healthy and happy, and keep in touch.
Warm regards
Your Committee
(Via Boh)

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