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Coronavirus Update 3

Hi there,  I hope you are in good health and managing to keep your walking muscles in shape for our next walking weekend, whenever that may be.
In case you were wondering; no, you have not missed Update 2, this is it.
As this is the third coronavirus bulletin my marshmallow brain went ahead and called it update 3, DOH!

As you might have guessed we have further updates to events cancelled or deferred as a result of the current situation.

First: John’s Summer in Snowdonia has now, been rescheduled to Wednesday 28th July to Sunday 1st August 2021.
All your deposits are safe. I believe there may still be vacancies.

Second: Day walk on 20th June has been cancelled.
The October day walk is most likely to be cancelled too but is, tentatively, being kept on.

Third: Andy’s Easter trip should take place over Easter 2021 but we are still awaiting confirmation of the dates from the venue.
Watch this space.

Lastly: Christmas weekend is also, tentatively, left on the calendar but could very likely also be rescheduled.
Again I’ll let you all know as soon as I know.

Once again,
keep safe, keep healthy, keep happy.

Warm regards
on behalf of the committee.

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