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Event Updates by Text

At this year’s AGM, several people expressed an interest in keeping up to date with the latest programme information by text message to their mobiles. A method has since been found of doing this at zero expense, either to the group or to the individual member.

The text facility is provided by a company called Zapier (pronounced to rhyme with “snappier”, apparently) who integrate various online services together via tiny programs called “zaps”. You’ll need access to the internet (and an email address) to sign up and request your texts, but once you’ve done it it’ll run without requiring further attention – so this can easily be done on a public library PC if necessary.

I’ve written some step-by-step instructions on how to get connected, or you can just pitch in and choose one of the following zaps:

I hope this helps everyone stay up to date with what’s happening. Now all we need is lots of events to get those texts flying…

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