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Sea, Sand and Snow

YHA Sheringham, 29 March - 1 April 2013

When we all booked for the Easter weekend in coastal Norfolk I am sure snow was not anticipated! The view from Sheringham hostel window at breakfast revealed a light blizzard.

Boh led a small party of us from Sheringham to Cromer while the other 9 set off north of Cromer for a more strenuous walk. Multi layers, warm hats, scarves, mitts and gloves proved their worth in guarding us against the elements as we had a wonderful walk along the pebbles and sand, amid sea spray and flurries of light icy snow. The cliffs appeared to consist of soft sand, and wooden defences were protecting further erosion. Boh pointed out a brick war bunker on the beach which presumably may have fallen off the cliff judging by the slanted angle it was set at.

We enjoyed a tea/pub stop at one of the Runtons and walked via the railway line passing a golf course and some climbed up the tallest hill in Norfolk (a hillock). At Cromer we sat on the front eating ice creams, chips and drinking tea. A parachute glider hovered overhead. After a stroll along the pier and around the town we located the railway station and travelled back in luxury.

As it had been Liz’s birthday in the week, Dot’s on the day and Boh’s the next day all 14 of us went out for a pub meal at the Wyndham Arms. On returning to the hostel I gleaned useful tips on improving my pool technique thanks to Tony.

On Easter Sunday the larger party led by Andy walked to Overstrand. Liz and Kathy went on a 30 mile cycle ride. Dave had a virus and spent the day on the steam train. Alan decided to visit some public houses by bus. Boh, Judith, Brenda and myself took the steam train to Holt.

Holt station proved interesting due to a model train set and a hobbit dimension cottage made out of two adapted train carriages, inhabited until two years ago. Holt is an upmarket, quaint, friendly village. Most shops were closed, but we found an interesting Indonesian wooden art shop and a junky type of antique shop which was like a rabbit warren. We had a dash back to the station and just caught a train to Kelling Heath. Here we walked through the ‘Hundred Acre wood’ Before returning to Sheringham.

There are quite a few of us requesting less strenuous shorter walks. Boh says he is willing to lead them on the weekends he is on this year so calling all those interested!

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  1. Tricia
    13 Apr 2013 @ 8:27 am

    Hi Sue, read this with much pleasure, especially since unable to go myself. Thankyou for such a prompt ‘write-up’: it helps with feeling connected with the Group.

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