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Weather Update

Days after weather forecasts were added to the Event listings, the service has got better.

Having taken another look at the Met Office website, I noticed that they have a useful but underpublicised API that allows third parties to use their weather forecast data – including a 5-day forecast for 5,000 places around the country.

Weather Underground provide a ten day forecast; but their forecasts are less detailed, and probably less clued in to the vagiaries of British weather, than the Met Office service. They also provide a rough forecast of likely weather on any date, based on historic weather data gathered for that location.

So we can now provide a weather forecast for all future events, the exact nature of which will depend on how far into the future the date is:

0-4 days
Met Office daily forecast
5-9 days
Weather Underground daily forecast
10+ days
Weather Underground historically based forecast

The Met Office forecast contains a variety of details, including likely UV exposure level. These levels are colour coded as below (we don’t tend to get beyond level 8 in the UK):

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Point your mouse at any UV box and you’ll get advice on how to protect yourself from that level of sunshine. It seems like an odd feature to be adding to the website in October, but we can always hope…

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