Rules for Leicester Hiking & Hostelling Group

1. Name

The group is called "Leicester Hiking & Hostelling Group".

2. Objects

The objects of the group are the carrying on of a variety of outdoor walking and social activities for the benefit of members, a significant proportion of these activities should involve the use of hostels run by the Youth Hostel Association (England and Wales).

3. Membership

Any person who is a member of a HI organisation and has paid at least one administration charge during the current year (October 1st to September 30th) is a member: of Leicester Hiking & Hostelling Group. Each member has the right to vote at the annual general meeting or a special general meeting.

4. Management

  1. The group is managed by a committee consisting of not more than 12 nor less than 4 members.
  2. The committee must manage the affairs of the group in accordance with these rules and must define the duties of several officers including a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer, who are in all respects subject to the committee.
  3. The entire committee shall retire at the date of each annual general meeting and the members shall elect a new committee for the following year, which may include all or any of the members of the retiring committee.
  4. The committee may fill any casual vacancy that occurs.
  5. Meetings of the committee may be convened by the Chairperson or by any three committee members.
  6. Four committee members constitute a quorum at committee meetings.
  7. Every question at committee meetings shall be decided upon by a majority of votes.
  8. If votes at any committee meeting are equal the vote of the chairperson, or the acting chairperson will be the deciding vote.

5. Regulations

  1. The committee may from time to time make, repeal and amend any regulations (not inconsistent with these rules) as it thinks expedient for the management and wellbeing of the group and the furtherance of its objects.
  2. All regulations made by the committee under this rule are binding on the members until repealed by the committee or set aside by resolution of the annual general meeting or a special general meeting of the group.

6. Group Records

  1. The secretary must keep a list of members, minutes of proceedings of the committee and of general meetings and such other records of the group as the committee may from time to time direct.
  2. The treasurer must keep such books of account as the committee may from time to time direct.

7. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

  1. An AGM must be held once in each calendar year not more than fifteen months after the previous AGM
  2. Each AGM shall be held at such place and on such day as shall be determined by the committee.
  3. The business at the AGM must include:
    1. Election of the officers and the remainder of the committee,
    2. Approval of the accounts for the year.
    3. Any Other Business (A.O.B.) of which written notice has been given to the secretary or least seven days before the meeting.

8. Special General Meeting

The committee may at any time convene a special general meeting for any specific purpose and must do so on the requisition of any ten members or 1/5 of the membership entitled to vote at a general meeting (whichever is the lesser) stating the business for which it is required.

9. Group Accounts

  1. The group accounts must be made up to 30th September in each year or such other date as shall be determined by the committee.
  2. The committee must cause a statement of receipts and expenditure and a balance sheet made as at 30th September in each year (or such other date as shall be determined by the committee) to be prepared, audited and produced every year.
  3. The statement and balance sheet must be submitted to the group at the next annual general meeting and a copy must be made available to any member at that annual general meeting.

10. Amendment of Rules

  1. These rules may be altered or repealed and revised rules may be added by resolution at the annual general meeting or at a special general meeting duly summoned for the purpose.
  2. A resolution to alter or repeal or add new rules must be passed by a majority of at least 2/3 of the members voting on the resolution.
  3. Any reference in these rules to "these rules" or "the rules of the group" includes the reference to the rules in the group as from time to time amended in accordance with this rule.

11. Interpretation of the Rules

  1. The committee is the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and regulations made by it from time to time.
  2. The decision of the committee on any question of interpretation or upon any matter affecting the group and not provided for by these rules or by the regulations is final and binding on the members.

12. Dissolution

If at any annual general meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the group is passed by a majority of the members present and at a special general meeting held not less than six weeks later (of which not less than four weeks written notice has been given to each member and at which not less than 1/2 of the members are present) that resolution is confirmed by a resolution passed by a majority of 2/3 of the members voting on it the committee must immediately, or at such future date as is specified in the resolution, proceed to realise the property and funds of the group and after discharge of all liabilities must divide the property equally among all the members of the group and on the completion of such division the group will be dissolved.