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Coronavirus Update 3

Hi there,  I hope you are in good health and managing to keep your walking muscles in shape for our next walking weekend, whenever that may be.
In case you were wondering; no, you have not missed Update 2, this is it.
As this is the third coronavirus bulletin my marshmallow brain went ahead and called it update 3, DOH!

As you might have guessed we have further updates to events cancelled or deferred as a result of the current situation.

First: John’s Summer in Snowdonia has now, been rescheduled to Wednesday 28th July to Sunday 1st August 2021.
All your deposits are safe. I believe there may still be vacancies.

Second: Day walk on 20th June has been cancelled.
The October day walk is most likely to be cancelled too but is, tentatively, being kept on.

Third: Andy’s Easter trip should take place over Easter 2021 but we are still awaiting confirmation of the dates from the venue.
Watch this space.

Lastly: Christmas weekend is also, tentatively, left on the calendar but could very likely also be rescheduled.
Again I’ll let you all know as soon as I know.

Once again,
keep safe, keep healthy, keep happy.

Warm regards
on behalf of the committee.

Coronavirus: Events Update 1

An update of the ongoing measures taken to mediate the effects of the coronavirus on our events calendar.

1. Mick’s National Forest Day Walk for 9th May
has been rescheduled for 20th June
(and may well be moved again).

2. Andy’s Easter Weekend in Slindon has been cancelled
and will be rescheduled to a date next year as yet undecided.
National Trust has assured us we can chose any date
so watch this space for it.

3. here will be no further Day Walks scheduled until further notice (boo hoo).

4. The late July trip to Snowdonia and October Day Walk are still currently
scheduled to go ahead without change.

As usual anything can change at a moments notice
and I will keep you updated by email and news bulletins.

Keep fit, healthy and happy, and keep in touch.
Warm regards
Your Committee
(Via Boh)

Response to Coronavirus

Hi, I hope you’re keeping fit, well and still managing to enjoy yourself in these chaotic times.

Unfortunately, as with many other organisations, the effects of the coronavirus have forced us to change our plans. Current state of our plans is:

  • Day walks are still taking place but be prepared to bring more food and liquid than usual as there may be no pubs or tea shops open for additional refreshment.
  • Where possible an event will be rescheduled. Cancellation will be a last resort.
    • For the next 3 events:-
      • Easter at Slindon: 10th-13th April 2020 – Andy is in touch with the venue to try to reschedule, or, if that’s not possible, cancel;
      • Late May BH in S Devon: rescheduled to 20th-23rd May 2021;
      • Summer in Wales: rescheduled to 24th-27th June 2021.

      Please check the website for full details and changes to final payment deadlines of rescheduled events.

    • Summer in Snowdonia; 29th July – 2nd August 2020 – currently planned to go ahead as usual. But this may change in light of changing circumstances. Please note the deadline for paying the balance for this event remains 17th June 2020.
  • The Christmas event is still scheduled to go ahead as planned.
  • No new weekend or longer events will take place before October 2020.
  • Wednesday meetings at The Western are cancelled until further notice. As you may not be aware, ownership of The Western returns to Everards by June this year. Consequently our monthly social gatherings may have a different venue when they resume. Watch out for this once the meetings are reinstated.

For rescheduled events I will cancel the current event and enter the rescheduled event as a new event. This should ensure that GEMS will automatically notify you of the change by email. You should be notified of cancellations through GEMS as usual. In any case I will send out a general email with any further changes.

  • Please note that if an event has to cancelled Dave will let you know what you need to do financially. If you have any other financial concerns resulting from this pandemic please contact Dave.
  • Last but not by any means least: In order to help keep some fun, social interaction, alleviate disappointment, get some fresh air and exercise during what could be a very trying time it would be great, where an event is cancelled or postponed, or indeed at any time over the next few months, we could put on a series of day walks . We are all capable of keeping a reasonable distance from each other just may have to talk a little more loudly. Mick has offered to look at more in the National Forest Area. It would be wonderful, however, if we could have more volunteers to organise Day, or even Half-Day, walks to fill our calendar this year. Just contact Boh by phone, text or email with your suggestion, pleeeese! You can contact him by phone at 0116 2708 299; mobile: 07832192402; or email via the website and he looks forward to being inundated with offers (tee hee).

Naturally this information can change at any time owing to changing circumstances and advice. So please keep an eye open for our emails. Check your Spam folder if you think you are missing any.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you. Keep fit, keep smiling, keep in touch, be happy.

Warm regards,
Your Committee

Diary of a Theatre Trip

5:50pm – getting ready to leave.

5:55pm – still getting ready to leave.

6:00pm – leaving.

6:01pm – left.

6:10pm – collected interstellar Stella.

6:15pm – finally on way.

7:25pm – arrived at theatre.

7:45pm – seated and show starting.

Next 2 hours – almost continuous laughter, sometimes so hard that sides hurt and tears rolled down cheeks.

An outstanding performance by four brilliant actors, well worth the standing ovation they received. You really had to be there since mere words from this meekly pen couldn’t possibly do justice to that which we were privileged to participate in.

Read the book. Though only second best I fear.

10:30ish pm – arrived home.

Good night all.

A Capital Trip

7 of 8 intrepid explorers made it to YHA St Pancras by 2pm via car, train and coach; one unfortunate never made it. Five of us made our way to the Pub Behind the Hostel for lunch but they had stopped serving food, damn! looked like good beer too. Following a light lunch at another establishment we returned to the Pub Behind the Hostel. Excellent beer.

After much to-ing & fro-ing and fro-ing & to-ing, not to mention mobile phone texting & calling, (yes, this was one of those rare events where we had excellent mobile signals on all networks), all seven participants finally met and we made our way to book tickets for some excellent shows. Comedies (farces? in keeping with group tradition), since War Horse was fully booked for the next 3 months! A Turkish meal, the show, regrouping then back to the Pub Behind the Hostel for a nightcap or three. Excellent beer and wine.

Breakfast day 2, no comment. Everyone had plans, three made it Outdoors Show – decided the Birmingham event last year was much better. Met at Tate Modern, joined by Chris and Alice, for a pleasant walk to Borough, we are a walking group after all. Made our way to The George Inn for a delicious and very welcome meal. Back to the Pub Behind the Hostel for a Nightcap or three. Excellent beer, wine and cider.

Breakfast day 3, still no comment. What we all came down for; well, except for the cats & dogs washing the grime off the streets of London, which nearly made us change our minds’.

Pub crawl of Historic pubs of London, hoorah hooray. Walked to British Museum where we took refuge from the deluge. Then onwards, down Museum Street, across High Holborn to Drury Lane to The White Hart at 191. A veritable den of thieves and skullduggers in the past. Here we lunched, good grub and drank real ale. On then to Long Acre and The Freemason’s Arms at 81; very posh! but maintained its character. More real ale. A short walk down Bow Street to Catherine Street in Covent Garden where we found Nell of Old Drury at number 39 opposite the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, hmmm! A very small, but wonderfully atmospheric, bar with walls covered in posters of past shows, many signed by the famous thespians. Apparently an underground passage connects the theatre and the pub so that those same thespians can pop over for courage when not on stage. Another excellent pint downed followed by the hunt for Bull Inn Court. Found, after much searching, down a very narrow, twisty passage off Maiden Lane towards The Strand. Here at number 2 our final watering hole The Nell Gwynne Tavern. Doorstep sandwiches to sop up all the beer so far acquired then two more pints before making our separate ways to Leicester.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend, must do it again!