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Additional Monthly Meeting 2: November 2021
Tuesday, 16th November

Last chance to pay the treasurer in person for the Chairman's Christmas Bash if you need to.

Please note that, as usual, there will not be an additional meeting in December as there is always too much happening that month. The next of these will be in January 2022.

This information refers to a past event, check the programme for some events you can still go to.

Alan ( Mob07970 778649)
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SK 578037
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Additional Monthly Meeting

This group meeting is primarily at the request of the Treasurer in order for him to have ample time to carry his job collecting deposits and final payments for our weekend and longer events. He will definitely be present there when a payment deadline is imminent. If you are one of those who needs to pay funds directly to him please take this opportunity to do so.

You could also take this as a second chance to have a social gathering in a month.
As these events were, historically, never well attended there won't be reserved area for them.

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