Weekend Events

Here you can find out more about our hostelling weekends. Check out the Events section for more general questions about our events.

What is a weekend event?

Weekend trips take place about once a month, usually staying at a YHA youth hostel. Each weekend is organised by a member of the group and run to make a small profit which goes towards the funding of the group.

Most weekend trips start on Friday night. The organiser will group the people going according to when they can get away as well as where they live. Drivers will collect their passengers from their homes at the agreed time and take them to the hostel, everyone should be there by 11pm. The hostel warden will allocate you a place in a single-sex dormitory, usually sharing with fellow group-members.

On Saturday the organiser will have planned a walk or similar activity. On larger trips alternative walks may be laid on by other people in the group. You're always welcome to do your own thing if you want to, just make sure the organiser knows about it.

After the day's labours, we get back to the hostel for a shower and change of clothes. You can cook your own evening meal, buy one in the hostel or go down to the pub - you'll normally find other people doing the same thing.

After the cars have been loaded up on sunday morning, the organiser will have worked out a shorter walk so as not to be too tiring for the drivers. At the end of the weekend drivers will ferry their charges back to their homes before telling the organiser what their petrol expenses were.

Once the weekend is complete the organiser will work out the amounts paid out in drivers' expenses, accommodation expenses, etc. as well as the small surcharge levied by the group. If there is any money left over (we deliberately over-estimate our advance payments) it is returned to you.

You can read accounts of recent trips in our newsletter.

How much do they cost?

Prices vary according to the type of hostel and the costs of travelling to it. Distance is the predominant factor, a weekend in the Peak District might cost around £45, a trip to the Lakes could cost twice as much.

The amount shown in the programme should be all you have to pay. Indeed, we usually try to slightly over-estimate our charges, so you often get a small refund after the trip.

Do you have any discounts?

Sadly, YHA no longer offer a discount to low-income groups. The cost of our events depends entirely on the rates charged to us, so we are not able to offer any discounts either.

If you are booking for an event where you are eligible for some discount (e.g. at some non-YHA, and more generous accommodation provider), it will be up to you to tell the organiser so it can be claimed on your behalf. Peoples' circumstances change and we only keep records of your name, address and phone number. We do not keep any other personal details in our records.

What am I paying for?

When you book onto a trip, we collect an advance payment to cover the cost of the weekend. This payment covers the following:

Accommodation The price charged for staying overnight at the hostel. The amount will vary according to the size and facilities of the hostel.
Travel Costs The total petrol expenses of all drivers are added together and divided between all the passengers. Drivers are not charged petrol money in recompense for the wear and tear on their cars and the extra effort of driving.
Admin Charge The group levy a surcharge of 25p per person per night to fund its activities. This serves as our membership fee, the more you use the group the more you pay.
Other Expenses If any other expenses have been incurred, for example car parking charges on the Saturday walk, they are divided equally between everyone.

If the total of these charges works out less than the advance payment, the difference will be refunded to you. In fact we deliberately over-estimate the cost of weekends so you'll usually have a small refund due to you, rather than an extra bill.

The main thing not included in our weekend charge is food. You'll need to buy it yourself, either at home before you go or when you get there.

What should I take on a weekend?

Here's a list of the kind of things you should be taking for a weekend in the hills. Luggage space can be at a premium, so please try not to overdo it - hostels already have kitchen sinks!

YHA Hostels are equipped with bedding, cookers, pots & pans, crockery and cutlery - so you shouldn't need to bring any with you. Camping barns and Independent hostels are sometimes less well equipped, the trip organiser will tell you if you need to bring any extra equipment if you're using one.

Whilst most hostels have a small shop where you can buy milk and other essentials, there aren't always food shops nearby. Cashpoints, too, are relatively uncommon in the hills so be sure to bring enough money with you to cover your requirements.