Members' Area

This section of the website contains pages that will principally be of interest to existing members of the group. However, if you've not loined us yet, feel free to look at any items that interest you. Mostly they're online versions of paper documents which support and report upon the running of the group. Take your pick from...

Group Constitution

These rules govern the operation of the group. They're mostly common sense, with a few technical details on the timing and nature of meetings.

Booking Procedures and Event Finances

The rules and procedures that govern how we organise our events. Worth a look, whether you're a organising an event or just attending one.

Event Organisers' Guide

A step-by-step guide to organising an event for the Group, to be read in conjunction with the booking procedures above.

GDPR Compliant Policy For Data Storage & Use

Statement of the information we hold on our members and what we do with it.

GEMS System

GEMS - Group Event and Membership System - is our custom-built database for storing and displaying event information. It's used to display the "What's Next" area on the side of each screen, and the more detailed events pages.

If you're an event organiser, you can ask the Event Coordinator for a sign-on to this system, so you can keep your contact information and event details up-to-date.